Crockett Bits and Spurs

Crockett Bits and Spurs

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Oscar Crockett was born in 1887 in Pecos Texas. When Oscar was a young boy he watched his brother Arthur Crockett make handmade spurs and was very interested in making spurs himself. Oscar Crockett made his first pair of spurs under the shade of a tree. In 1910 Oscar rode a train with a load of cattle from Magdalena, New Mexico to Kansas City, once he got there he decided to stay and work in a blacksmith shop. Oscar made wagons during the day and at night he made Bits and Spurs.

In 1916 Oscar Crockett opened a blacksmith shop of his own in Pawhuska Oklahoma, a short time later he sold hi shop and moved to Bremerton Washington to work in a shipyard. Still on the move Oscar returned to Kansas City and opened another blacksmith shop and began doing work for the Charles P. Shipley Saddlery, Crockett worked for Shipley until 1920.

W. Brice Crockett helped Oscar with financial backing and they bought out the Shipley interest in the the bit and spur making shop. The Crockett Bit and Spur Company was born and became the leader in the United States for handmade bits and spurs.CrockettSpurs320X180 Crockett Bits and Spurs


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